Our Story

Our Story

Discover DeCrypt is the charity formed to manage the day to day running of  St Mary de Crypt Church and the Old Crypt Schoolrooms. Discover DeCrypt works with the PCC to ensure that events, activities, services and prayer are woven together in the life of the buildings.

Our Vision

Whilst the story of St Mary de Crypt and the Crypt Schoolroom are centuries old, our vision is the road ahead as we plan and build for new generations and tomorrow’s stories.

Our Heritage

Meet some of the historic people who have made Discover DeCrypt what it is today: the famous like George Whitefield, Robert Raikes, Joan Cooke or Jemmy Wood and the ‘ordinary’ people of Gloucester who also left their mark here.

The Archaeology

During the refurbishment of 2018-19, we discovered all kinds of new things about the buildings. Read on to find out more and see some of the objects we dug up.